Your wedding is going to be amazing whether it is small and intimate or big and glamorous. However, there are ways to make planning and the day of your wedding much simpler, more enjoyable and totally relaxed. Here are seven wedding tips I’ve come up with over the years of being a wedding photographer in South Africa and interacting with various brides and suppliers.

Wedding Tips You Should Know.

Keep reading my blog to discover 7 tips you can use to make planning your wedding simpler and make the day of the wedding the best it can be.

1. Your Budget.

Whether it’s you guys paying or the fam, come up with a budget and stick to it! This does not mean you are now cutting out important things, it just means you have a financial plan and you’re keeping with it.

2. Pinterest Fun.

DIY Pinterest decor is cool but attempt them much earlier. This way you know what you’re in for. If it’s too much, just do a few unique pieces.

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3. What’s Really Important.

Sit down with your special someone and decide on about three or four things that’s most important to you. You should then prioritise these things at your wedding. These can be spending time with guests, great photos or a grand entrance!

4. Your Communications.

My favourite one of all. Make a new Gmail account for all your quotes, communications and everything wedding-related. By doing this, everything is in one place and your primary inbox doesn’t become one huge mess. Be sure to check this mailbox regularly though!

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5. Use Technology.

A wedding website is a great way for your guests to find all your wedding details, RSVP and gift registry – you can also use it to show off your engagement or pre-wedding couple photos. It’s really easy to use and quite cool – check it out!

Make a free wedding website here:

6. Wedding Hashtag.

Create a wedding hashtag. Guests are surely gonna be snapping away and posting on social media (if it isn’t an unplugged wedding). With a hashtag, you can search it and view all the fun (and selfies) that happened at your wedding that you may not get to see on the day.

7. Sit Back, Relax And Enjoy.

Lastly, don’t sweat the little things. Things go right, things go wrong, just remember what’s important, which is you and your special human coming together.

I hope that some of these wedding tips helps make planning your wedding much easier and that you have the wedding of your dreams!

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