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 Indian Wedding Photographers in Durban.

Hello! My name is Tariq and I am your guy if you are looking for Indian wedding photographers in Durban. Truth be told, I’m a hopeless romantic who loves everything cool, crazy and interesting. I find myself constantly drawn toward design-related elements such as architecture, art and photography. The ability that we as humans have to create something pleasing to the eye is a part of our behaviour that always fascinates me. I enjoy expressing my creativity,  experiencing unique moments, learning about people, their interesting stories and various cultures as well as adventuring amidst majestic mountains and endless oceans.

The intense connection and love I feel when shooting a wedding lingers within me and is reignited whenever I see an image of that particular coming together of those two humans. As Indian wedding photographers in Durban, I am offered the opportunity to document priceless memories for couples that go so much deeper than just imagery, it’s about memorializing the beautiful, the little awkward and the major loving moments of your wedding in Durban. So, when many decades have passed by and memories start to wilt, your wedding images and photo album, I hope, will be something you look back on that will bring all the love, memories and feelings back from that day.


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As Indian wedding photographers in Durban, I have been offered the privilege to document beautiful moments, amazing people at stunning wedding events. These are the images that stay with me.

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