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Wedding Photographers in Johannesburg, Gauteng.

I am kind of a hopeless romantic so naturally I enjoy capturing the deep connection, intense emotion and sometimes quirky relationship between two people. My passions generally sway toward the artistic side of things – architecture, design and photography.

Over and above the amazing vibe, choice of unique locations and really cool people of Jozi, I enjoy being a wedding photographer because it allows me to photograph special moments for wonderful people while still exploring my creativity. As wedding photographers in Johannesburg, I am privileged to be able to add value to someone’s life with photography, memories that will stay with them forever. Another reason I love photographing weddings in Gauteng is because you are always in for something a little different. Whether it may be the spirited welcoming of the groom’s family at an umembeso, breaking plates at a Greek wedding, or relatives smearing turmeric all over the hands and face of the wedding couple at a nelungu/mehndhi. For me, being a wedding photographer is not only about making pretty photos, it is about documenting and commemorating the awesome, funky and romantic moments of your wedding.

My wish is that after many decades have passed and memories begin to slowly fade, your wedding photos and album will be things you look back on that bring all the feelings and memories rushing back.


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Why Johannesburg, Gauteng?

Johannesburg in Gauteng is the perfect place to get married and to be a wedding photographer. There are plenty of stunning wedding venues and locations for photoshoots. You can be sure that these places are supported by equally amazing wedding vendors and suppliers. The diversity of our people, culture and landscapes create a wedding environment seen almost nowhere else in the world. Just a couple hours in any direction, you will find lakeside wedding venues or go a little north for a safari wedding, you could also keep it urban with a city wedding.

What Photography Do You Do?

I enjoy everything about photographing weddings but I also find myself shooting a lot of portraits and events. I guess love, vibes and celebrations gets me clicking. These genres of photography allow one to be a part of something bigger than themself and helps people remember a special time in their lives.

Describe Your Style of Wedding Photography?

I feel it is a unique style of wedding photography that is deeply rooted in creativity and photojournalism while influenced significantly by fashion photography; this concoction of styles makes for stunning images and still captures the real essence of your coming together. I love using different lighting, unique perspectives, angles and compositions to bring out my clients’ personalities and beauty while telling their dream wedding story. 

Who is Your Ideal Wedding Couple?

Those spontaneous, fun and free souls! I enjoy the company of down to Earth people who are different. They walk the path less travelled and know beauty when they see it.

Wedding Blog.

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